Shakti 30th November 2019 Written Episode Update: Soham goes away with Varun, leaving Heer and family

The Episode starts with Shanno telling Varun that their work is done, Mahi will bring Soham here and asks him to take Soham from here being his father. She says when this brothers-sister union breaks then Preeto will go to Soumya, and asks him to get her address then. Mahi brings Soham to Varun. Varun kisses him and tells that he wanted him to see all the proofs with his eyes. He says Soumya and Preeto kept you in dark and asks him to leave them and come with him. Shanno tells that Soumya made Soham as Heer’s bodyguard and took his advantage. She asks Varun to take Soham from there and start their life again. Varun says Soham is not a stuff, if he wants then only I will take him with me and will make him meet his Nana and Nani. If he don’t want to come, then I will shower my love on him from far. Soham recalls Soumya giving him punishment, getting angry on him and loving Heer’s more and asking them not to leave Heer’s hand. He tells Varun that he will come with him and calls him Papa. Varun gets happy. Soham hugs him. Shanno thinks varun came in her hand and will bring Soumya’s address. Varun takes Soham with him. Shanno asks him to take care. Varun thanks Shanno and tells Soham that he will handle everyone. He takes him on the bike. Mahi and Shanno smile. Shanno tells Mahi that their unity broke up.

At home, Heer cries for Soham and asks where did he go? Rohan comes back and asks her not to worry, tells that they will search Soham. He says Soham can’t live without us. Heer says everyone is leaving, Harman Singh, Gulabo, Dadu and now Soham. Veeran lies with a sad face that he couldn’t find Soham. Preeto says where he could go? Shanno says if he went to meet his Nana and Nani. Sindhu says how? He would have informed us. Raavi says we shall go out and search him. Rohan asks Heer to be quiet and tells that nothing will happen to Soham. Preeto tries to pacify Heer.

Varun takes Soham to his house with his pics all over in the house. Soham sees Surbhi’s pic there. He says wow, tells that nobody gave him such a surprise before and thanks him. Varun says this is your house now and you will stay here with me. Soham looks at (Old) Surbhi’s pic. Varun tells him that his mum is not alive and he was leaving alone with her memories. Soham says I will stay here now. Varun brings chocolate pastry and gives to him. Soham thanks him. He thinks he will lay a trap of real father with fake love that he couldn’t come out of it. He asks Soham to swear on him and promise that he will never leave him. Soham promises that he will never leave him. Varun hugs him and smirks.

Maninder Singh comes to temple and tells Mata Rani that he came to her with selfish heart and prays for Soumya’s recovery. He tells that he used to be happy with his daughter’s pain, but now couldn’t see Soumya’s pain. He asks Mata Rani to make her fine, hear his prayers and give his life to her. he says when I realized her value, I couldn’t live by losing her. Gayatri comes there with Bebe and she tells that she never saw him in temple before. Maninder says when a human is helpless, then there is nothing other than God who helps us. Gayatri says you said right and goes. bebe says you never came to temple for Nimmi and Surbhi, but you came for her and bend down your head. Maninder tells that he has prayed for his daughter and tells that she is his daughter and he will not let anything happen to her. He comes back home and applies tilak to Soumya and gives her aarti. He keeps his hand on her head. He then keeps the aarti plate on table and admires her. He says Soumya, my daughter…you used to complain since childhood that I used to take Surbhi, but not you. He says today I went to temple for you and brought bangles for you. He says I brought doll, saree for you etc. He cries holding her hand, Kabhi khushi kabhi gham plays…..

Gayatri comes there and looks at him sitting holding Soumya’s hand and tears in his eyes. Maninder keeps Soumya’s hand back. Gayatri looks at him angrily. Maninder tells her that this unlucky girl’s father is me. He says if you had not brought her here then I wouldn’t have met her. Gayatri asks if he don’t hate his daughter now. Maninder says bent head can’t hate, it can either feel ashamed or do penance. Gayatri asks him to get out from there and asks to be there near Soumya. He asks where was your tears and penance, when Soumya was in need. She says when she gets up then she will decide if she wants to forgive you or not, till then you shall not come in this room. Maninder says ok and says may be my penance is remaining. Gayatri asks her to take the things from there. Maninder takes the stuff out which he brought for Soumya.

Gayatri also goes out. Reet shows her Gajra which she made for her and asks her to sit. Gayatri sits. Reet makes her wear it. She asks Maninder to help her make Maasi wear it. Maninder says I have work. Gayatri asks her to go and make her wear gajra. Reet goes. Gayatri tells Bebe that until Soumya was her grand daughter, you behaved the way you wanted, but now she is my sister and asks her to stay away from her.

Heer misses Soham and thinks since Gulabo, everything is mess. She asks Soumya to return. Shakti song plays….

Precap: Heer comes to Soumya and asks her to get up for her. Soumya gets up, calls her and hugs her (may be in imagination).

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