Sehban Azim Takes Up Pottery & He’s Totally ‘Kiln’ing it!

Tujhse Hai Raabta, one of Zee TV’s popular fiction dramas, has kept its audience hooked with its touching narrative of a unique mother-daughter relationship that emerges between a young girl and her step-mother who she initially held responsible for all the problems of her life. Sehban Azim who is popular amongst the ladies playing the hunky ACP Malhar Rane in the show recently had to learn pottery for one particular scene. But looks like he has now taken it up full-time!

Yes, Sehban has made it a point to master the craft and he has become addicted to it. He has turned it into a weekly affair and while Sehban learns the craft, a chaat party also takes place on the set. Clearly, it seems that the entire cast is having a nice time in Sehban’s presence.

As Sehban reveals to us, “Working day and night on the set requires a lot of energy and dedication. My entire team works really hard to get a perfect shot. For one of the shots, I took pottery classes in the show. Now pottery has become a habit for me as it is a perfect stress buster and helps me to unwind for a few minutes and I am glad the cast members are trying their hand at it too.”

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