Sanjivani 29th November 2019 Written Episode Update: Ishani reveals Asha’s truth

The Episode starts with Ishani hearing Priya. She asks what did you say, Samaira was making a video in this corridor. She thanks her. Rahil asks what are you thinking. Ishani says I was following Asha here, I think Samaira’s video will have something. He says I don’t think so. She says we will try. They rush to find Samaira. Ishani sees Sid and cries. She goes to Samaira and says I have to watch the video that you made in the corridor. Samaira says don’t complain about me. Ishani says you should get an award for it. Rahil and Ishani see the video. They see Asha in the background, changing reports. They get shocked. Samaira takes her phone back. Ishani tried to commit suicide, she has just cut her veins, she didn’t help Guddu, she fed prasad before surgery, she wants to ruin Sid’s career, the man who did a lot for her child.

Juhi says your wife is fine now. Vardaan says Prashant, you can’t take action on the hospital, just take action on the doctor who did this carelessness. Prashant says my wife could have lost her life, what would I do, I don’t want to file any case, I will not forgive Sid, Sid did mistake and saved Kripa, so I m not taking any action, remember, this shouldn’t happen with anyone. Sid hugs him. Juhi says Kripa will get discharged soon. Prashant goes. Juhi gets another note. She asks who had given this. The man says it came with other mails. She reads about Shashank’s secrets. She gets angry. Asha applies balm on her forehead. Ishani comes and asks her not to hide anything now. She scolds Asha and says I m giving you a chance because of our friendship. Asha argues.

Ishani says you are a doctor, you know CPR is given in emergency, now tell me the truth, you are ruining Sid’s career, why are you doing this. Asha cries and says I was forced to do this. Ishani asks who did this. Asha hugs her and laughs. She jokes. Ishani asks why are you doing this. Asha says shut up, you think I m some puppet. Ishani says you think Sid will dance on your fingers. Asha says yes, do whatever you want. Ishani says your work is to spoil, my work is to rectify.

Asha says why, do you want to do social service, don’t come in my way. Ishani says vent enmity on me, not on Sid. Asha says he is my husband. Ishani asks why are you ruining his life. Asha says don’t come between us. Ishani says fine, I will end your game now, when entire Sanjivani sees the video of your deed, it will be fun. She goes. Asha worries. Ishani goes to Sid. Sid turns to her. She says whatever is happening…. Asha says stop this drama, I asked you to stay away from my husband. She asks Sid not to talk to Ishani. Ishani says I need to talk. Asha takes Sid and smiles. Ishani thinks I have to talk to Sid.

Sid prays. Ishani goes to him. Asha looks on. Ishani asks Sid to see something, he will believe it when he sees it. Sid asks what is the matter. Ishani says Asha is behind everything that’s happening with you, I have proof today. She asks Samaira to show the video to Sid. Samaira says I don’t have it. Ishani says check well. Asha smiles and recalls taking Samaira’s phone by an excuse. She thinks Vardaan switched off the CCTV camera when I changed report, now just this phone was left, now show the video. Ishani checks the phone and asks how can the video get deleted. Samaira asks what’s there to get so angry.

Asha thinks Ishani won’t let proof or Sid. Ishani says Asha is ruining your career. Asha comes and does a drama. They argue. Sid asks them to stop it, he will rectify his mistake, they shouldn’t fight for him. Asha fools him. Ishani says I should be sorry, I should be sorry to myself, I have fell so low, why am I doing this, I was just thinking why this is happening with you, how shall I help you. Sid says I can understand, but I didn’t ask you to do this. She cries. Rahil looks on.

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