RadhaKrishn 28th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Krishna’s Parting Gift

Krishna breaks bansuri. Radha asks why did he break it, how will he live without his bansuri. Krishna says just like he is incomplete without Radha and will live hereon with her memories. Radha emotionally hugs him. Jarasand’s messenger informs him that tomorrow their biggest united army will attack Barsana and will kill Krishna. Rukmini pleads Jarasand to spare Krishna. Jarasand says Krishna killed his friend and son-in-law, so he will not spare Krishna. Rukmini says as a king he should follow his duties, Kans was not following and had kept his father and sister in jail and killed sisters’ babies and hence Krishna did justice; she is ready for swayamwar and will marry whoever he says. Jarasand says he will be kind a bit on Krishna after he is captured. Rukmi says he will arrange Rukmini’s swayamwar and assures Rukmini that he will get her married to a best match. Rukmini says Krishna is her best match.

Radha asks Krishna when will they meet again. Krishna says a time will come when moon will be brighter than sun and when Radha’s love would be at its peak, etc., then he will come from east and take her along. Their emotional farewell continues when Balram informs Krishna that Jarasand’s army has reached Barsana, so they should leave soon. Krishna walks along and while parting ways with Radha her veil gets stuck in his hand. They reach jungle where Krishna has already arranged a horse chariot. Balram asks if he already planned everything. Krishna says Radha and Krishna’s reunion cannot be fatal to anyone. Krishna becomes driver. Balram says when Krishna is a driver, nobody can catch them. Jarasand’s army reaches them followed by Mathura army headed by Ugrasen and surrounds Jarasand’s army. Ugrasen orders his army to kill Jarasand’s army. Krishna stops army and says instead of fighting, they should spare enemy as they will prove that humanity is bigger than enemity, their soldiers’ lives will also be saved, etc. Ugrasen agrees and lets Jarasand’s army go. Akroor tells Ugrasen that Krishna is right, Jarasand will get afraid seeing this kind act and afraid king is like defeated king.

Ugrapath calls sabha, and Ayan alleges that Radha failed in her duty as a mukhiya as she ordered Krishna to leave Barsana but didn’t followup, because of which Krishna was in Barsana till late night, hence Radha should resign. Radha says Krishna’s family stays in Barsana, so he needed time to meet his parents and dear ones. Jatila asks whom did he meet at midnight. Radha says Krishna’s best friend Radha.

Precap: Rukmini tells her father that Krishna can defeat even Jarasand. Father says Jarasand is immortal. Krishna says they need to find a divine place. Radha says Krishna should build a house for them in that place.

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