Parth Samthaan is a Style King

The model turned actor Parth Samthaan earned fame when he played the character Manik Malhotra in the show Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan which was shown on MTV. The actor is prince charming for his female followers. Yeah! It is okay to say that mostly all girls has a crush on him. But the actor is now on his best stage of life playing Anurag in the show “Kausati Zindagi Kay 2”.

There is nothing wrong calling Parth Samthaan a Fashion Guru. He is also a gym freak which we can see from his Instagram posts. He is seen doing push ups and also weight lifting. The chocolate boy wore green sherwani with a beige churodar in KZK 2. So girls, you need to find someone like him who can dress in both Indian and Western culture. Parth’s fashion sense has been always the talk of the town. The gelled hair, the perfect jawline, the trimmed beard, the glowing skin, he carries it all well. His look in suit makes him look like a gentleman. Checkout his some of the new looks.

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