Nimki Vidhayak 30th November 2019 Written Episode Update: Nimki to bring Annaro home

Scene 1
Nimki says to Mintu your dadi is fine. Her tumor is removed. All your troubles would go away. She will leave the house. Mintu hugs her and says thank you. You don’t know what have you done for me. You have given me my life back. I can never return this favor. You purchased me today. Nimki shoves him. Nimki says I have to do some formalities.

Parag says the press conference should be great. Ganga asks them to leave. Ganga says Surekha how did you let them enter without my permission. Parag says shout at me. He says the party will have a new vice president. Ganga says this plan of your to take my place is interesting. He says I did everything to get our love but you only love yourself. So I decide to become you. I will also fool people like you anymore. Ganga says doing this won’t make a donkey a horse. He says I am your breed. Surekha, get my white kurta and simple clothes ready. Ganga says you can’t misuse being my son and take my place.

Nimki recalls Mintu hugging her. She comes to Annaro’s room. Nimki says you broke the bulb again? This is the 12th bulb. It gets expensive. How will I find your meds in this dark? She says how is Babbu? Nimki says he is fine. Annaro says get him fine. Nimki says take your medicine. Annaro says you killed my husband at least save my son. Nimki recalls Tettar’s death. Nimki drops the medicine. Nimki runs out. Nimki says to the doctor Annaro has recalled everything. Come with me, please. The doctor says that’s something to be happy about. Annaro says Nimki you went to meet Babbu? Doctor, I take all my meds. Nimki are you still mad? Nimki is dazed. Annaro says Nimki will you take me home? The doctor says yes she will. Please sleep now.

The doctor says to Nimki she hasn’t recalled anything. Nimki says she said something from past. The doctor says I think you should take her home. Nimki says what? The doctor says what? You should be happy. Nimki says she might get out of control. The doctor says taking her home would be better. We will prepare for her in two weeks.

Scene 2
Mauha says we will all do exercise. Tune says Nimki would never agree. Mauha says I will ask her. She isn’t in her room. Ramla says she must be here. They all look for Nimki. Nimki is doing gardening. Mauha says what is all this? Nimki says I am taking care of this plant. Chachi don’t you give it water. Get me fertilizers. Mauha says it will die anyway. Nimki says don’t say that. Nimki goes in. Mauha says did you not sleep?

Parage says this is a pride for me that all leaders showed faith in me. Let’s build a better future tomorrow. His PA says wow such amazing words. Parag says now they will all know who I really am.
Param comes to the press conference. He says where is media? His PA says they aren’t here. I gave them time till 8:30. Parag says why aren’t they here then? Ganga calls him and says are you done with press conference? Come home let’s eat together. Parag gets it.

Ramla says Nimki let’s do the breakfast. Nimki says give the plants water carefully. Nimki recalls what the doctor said. Mauha says what are you thinking? She says thinking abour bringing Annaro home.
Precap-Tune says you said you will leave her once she is okay. Mauha says she isn’t your anything now. Nimki says I have a relation with her.

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