New Season – Santoshi Maa 28th January 2020 Written Episode Update – Santoshi Mata Explains Dev Rishi Of Pure Love

The episode starts with rishi comes shouting “Narayan-Narayan” & reaching santoshi mata’s palace appreciating & telling mata to show yourself as dev rishi has come for you to see. Mata immerges & dev rishi prays her appreciating about her looks & she welcomes him asking after so long time how come you have come here or is there any reason so he tells her raja Daksha has given wings in my legs so I have to fly around everywhere & she praise dev rishi. Dev rishi asks her why are you here alone & she explains him about so long past years about mahadev & mata paravati who had meditated to achieve mahadev & dev rishi tells her to show me how they were joint together & mata shows him.
Mata paravati is meditating very strongly on a mountain while her father raja puts question in his palace why my daughter is doing such strong meditation then dev rishi is telling raja she is meditating for prabhu who is none other than able person for paravati.
Maharaj & his wife come to their daughter’s meditation place asking her to open her eyes & she immerges out of her meditation while all are praising her. Her father is informing her that prabhu Narayan has accepted your proposal & he will become my son-in-law so she is shocked hearing this while her father & mother are very happy with this news.
Prabhu Narayan is appreciating a flower giving blessings of brahmadev too. Dev rishi comes informing Narayan about the girl’s parents are very happy while Narayan asks him is the girl’s acceptance then dev rishi tells him all girls will be ready to marry person like you then Narayan explains him that is wrong as it should be accepted by girl & to not to force her.
Paravati is explaining her parents that I was doing meditation for mahadev & always devoted myself to him as my husband then her parents tell her we have accepted proposal for you so she explains them.
Mata santoshi is asking dev rishi why paravati is not accepting proposal of Narayan & dev rishi explains mata this is test of love which has always happened on earth & again has come in front of you so mata santoshi thinks saying I understand dev rishi the same condition has come again like on earth of my devotee swati too.
Swati is asking her father when everything was ready to get married with that boy then what happened immediately so he shouts saying this marriage won’t happen & his father has treated me very badly not telling me to sit also.
Swati’s father is discussing details of what he does & her daughter too with son’s father while he insults him what you earn & where our status is but swati’s father tries to explain him about their love but the son’s father talks with him in insulting manner about her daughter’s behavior too & cursing her.
Swati’s mother is shouting her daughter explaining her to forget that boy but swati tells her that I cannot forget him whom already I have thought as my husband & now can’t think of any other person in my life in future.
Paravati is telling her parents that if I do not get shiv whom I meditated then I’ll sacrifice my life as now I can’t think of any other person in my life while her parents are shocked.
Swati’s mother is shouting & forcing her to forget him but she is adamant of love which is already happened & now can’t turn away so she leaves the place running & her brother goes behind her. Swati reaches a temple hearing the prayers of mata santoshi & she goes for prayers & also prays mata crying & asking help from mata depressingly & telling her about her depression asking wish that if I get next life then make me my wife of this boy only.
Paravati runs towards mountain in devlok to sacrifice herself while swati also is doing the same thing on earth. Paravati is on the end of a mountain while swati is on the end of a bridge to jump.

Precap: The boy tells his father that I will marry only swati or nobody. Mata santoshi is advising swati to do Pooja of hartilika by which how mata paravati had achieved prabhu mahadev. A girl is informing evil woman that mata santoshi has advised swati to do Pooja of hartilika to achieve her choice of husband & she says I won’t allow this to happen. The boy’s father is cursing his son saying are you acting like a hero?

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