Muskaan 30th November 2019 Written Episode Update: Sir ji blackmails Muskaan

Muskaan 30th November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the principal asking Muskaan to meet Ronak and apologize to him, convince him not to change Khushi’s school, else she has to leave the job. Muskaan says fine, I will go and apologize, give me the address. Principal gives the address. Muskaan goes out and looks for Roshni. She says Sir ji may…. She looks for Roshni. She says how shall I go, where is Sir ji’s car. Guard says she left. Muskaan thinks maybe Sir ji has gone home. She comes home and looks for Roshni. She goes to some place and asks for Roshni. The man says I had seen Roshni going with Babu ji, you were also with them. She says yes, I m finding her, can I talk to Sudha. He says Sudha is busy, she can’t meet you.

The girls talk about Roshni’s fate, she will get a big chance today, she is lucky. She sees Roshni with Sudha. She stops Roshni. Roshni asks her not to stop her always. Sir ji comes and says let Roshni dance, she loves to dance, its in her blood. He gives a lahenga and asks her to go and change. Ronak asks Khushi does she have a problem in school, doesn’t teacher pay attention to her. Khushi says I like the school, Mira Miss is my fav, mum wants to change my school, but I don’t want to leave it. He asks why does Nisha want to change the school.

Nisha worries hearing them. Ronak says Khushi likes the school and Mira Miss, why do you want to change her school. Nisha says I just said what I felt. Muskaan stops Sir ji and scolds him. He says its a Kaal Chakra, you won’t get anything, our thinking starts where your thinking stops, so I got this lahenga for you, either of you have to dance. He gives her some time. Muskaan says you have tried to make me dance on your tunes, you failed always, even same thing will happen now. He says you made Ronak your shield, this time you are alone, you can try, your time starts now. She says me and my daughter won’t dance. He says then bear punishment. She says I will bear punishment. He says then go to the jail, not now, I have given you time, I will make Roshni dance on my tunes. Rani and her mum stop Nisha and take her aside. Rani’s mum asks what happened.

Nisha says I m thinking Ronak can go to Khushi’s school. Rani says you reach Ronak before he reaches Muskaan, use your charm on him. Nisha says these things don’t work for him, heart relations matter to him than beauty, its tough to go close to his heart. Rani’s mum says you have to try, else you will lose Ronak forever. Roshni plays music and says we will dance on this good song. She ses Muskaan with the same lahenga. She asks how did you get this. Muskaan burns their lahengas. Roshni cries and says you have gone mad. Muskaan says I m worried for you. She cries. Roshni scolds her. She wipes Muskaan’s tears and asks her not to cry.

Sudha comes and gets shocked. She blows off the fire. She asks did you go mad, Babu ji will get angry. Roshni asks her to get two same lahengas. Sudha says fine and goes. Muskaan thinks how shall I save Roshni, make me meet Ronak so that I can save my daughter’s life, its not possible to explain her. Ronak says Khushi, I will come to your school and talk to everyone. He says I will go and meet the teachers, what will we do if Khushi doesn’t adjust in new school. Nisha says you can talk on phone, what’s the use to go there. He says they will misunderstand me if I talk on the phone, if you are busy in household work, its fine, I will go and talk to principal and teachers. He goes. She worries and thinks how to stop her.

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