Meri Gudiya 23rd January 2020 Written Episode Update: Pari Ruins Ratri’s Evil Potions

The Episode starts with Madhuri thinking to ruin Ratri and Adrika’s weapons first. She looks for the potions. Ratri is on the way to her room. Pari goes to the room and checks the cupboard. Ratri comes there and checks her clothes. Pari hides in the cupboard. Madhuri thinks I will end Ratri’s story. Ratri gets the black outfit. She goes. Madhuri thinks you used this potion to kill Avi, all your powers are present in this box, I will end your power and then I will attack you. She pushes the potions box. Ratri gets shocked. She cries. Pari hides.

Shaurya is at office. Pia asks what are you doing here at this time, all well, what happened, did you fight with your girlfriend. He says come on, I don’t want to joke, you don’t know what is Raghav doing. She asks what did he do this time. He says he is favoring Ratri, you know what, Ratri convinced mumma, she is going to marry Raghav and take Madhuri’s place. Pia says she can’t take Madhuri’s place. Shaurya says Ratri is so clever. Pia says Raghav isn’t understanding. Shaurya says I don’t know what to say. Pia says if you are with me, we will bring Ratri’s true face out. They join hands.

Raghav asks Avi do you really want Ratri here, do you like her. Avi says yes. He says I promise she will stay here as your best friend, she will not take your mum’s place. Avi says if she won’t go after marriage, then marry her tomorrow. Raghav says Dadi will decide, I m marrying just for your sake, sleep now. He puts her to sleep. He keeps Pari beside Avi and goes. Madhuri thinks to save the family from the evil sisters.

Adrika comes home and says whom shall I target this time. She sees Pari there. She hypnotizes Pari. Pari winks. Adrika says my magic worked on a doll, I m very talented, this doll will become a villain now. She asks Pari to slap. Pari slaps her. Adrika says slap yourself. Pari slaps her. Adrika says do as I say. She takes Pari to Avi and asks her to suffocate Avi’s neck. Pari suffocates Adrika’s neck. Adrika asks her to leave her. She throws the doll and goes. Adrika says I will never do magic on a doll. Avi calls out Pari. Pari comes to her. Avi hugs her and sleeps.

Its morning, Raghav’s Maa/Avi’s Dadi prays. Avi and Pari come. Avi says you didn’t speak to anyone since many days. Dadi says I didn’t speak since years. Avi misses Madhuri. Dadi thinks I have broken this maun vrath for Avi’s protection. Avi asks her to talk. Dadi asks her to go and get ready. Ratri comes. Dadi says the way you handled Avi is great, I have to give you another responsibility of my Raghav, he is in sorrow since Madhuri passed away, will you take care of him. Ratri says sure. Dadi blesses her and says I spoke to pandit ji, he said engagement would be good if happens today, we will keep the engagement at home, instead calling all the relatives, we may tell the society later, I want to welcome you in our family today itself as my Bahu. Ratri smiles. Madhuri thinks you can’t make the enemy your bahu, I won’t let this happen.

Ratri says I will make this engagement memorable, I will end Madhuri’s memories and rule on this house. Pari looks on.

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