Meri Gudiya 18th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Raghav And Ratri’s Marriage

The Episode starts with Guru ji telling Madhuri that she isn’t the same, her body is of a dead person now, she can’t eat or have water, she can’t go near her husband. He asks a lady to drink water. The lady burns on drinking water and shouts for help. Guru ji saves her. He says this lady is also like you, your state will be same if you do any human work, take this pure water, keep this safe, when you get hurt by human emotion, this water will save you. Madhuri takes the water. Ratri and Raghav see each other. Maa says haldi rasam completed, right Sushma. Shaurya says this had to happen. Raghav goes to his room. Madhuri undergoes the bath rituals. Raghav recalls Ratri. Shaurya comes and says there is no way to stop time, there is no solution now, I opposed the marriage a lot, more than you, I realized I was wrong, you also know it.

Raghav says I can’t give Madhuri’s place to anyone else, Ratri takes care of Avi and I feel bad for her, I don’t love her. Shaurya says maybe, but I know a truth, you will fulfill your responsibility 100%, be it Avi or Ratri, have this sherwani, get ready and come. He goes. Madhuri is on the way. Maa smiles and sees Raghav’s haldi going on. Sushma says Shaurya’s turn is next. Maa applies haldi to Anjali. Sushma says her dad left nothing, who will pay for her marriage. Maa says she will get married. Anjali feels bad. She says Avi, your dad is looking so handsome. Ratri smiles.

Adrika is sad. Ratri says everyone accepted this marriage. Adrika says don’t be much happy, look at Raghav. Ratri says he will also accept it soon. Adrika says I think this is happening for some plan. Ratri says don’t spoil my mood please. Adrika thinks what all will spoil now. Adrika goes and gives a drink to Avi. Avi drinks it. Adrika says now Adi will keep sleeping by the drugs. Everyone comes for the wedding. Maa asks Avi why is she feeling sleep, she was excited for marriage. She asks Dulaari to make Avi sleep. Avi sleeps in her room and misses Madhuri. Shaurya sees Anjali and is lost. Anjali says aunty is calling you. He asks Anjali to miss her. He goes to help. He says I will go and call Raghav.

Madhuri reaches a taxi and hires. Raghav comes in the mandap and sits. Shaurya sees the shoes and taunts Adrika about stealing it. He goes to Anjali. Madhuri is on the way. Ratri comes in the mandap and sees Raghav. She thinks today I will get Madhuri’s place.

Raghav and Ratri get married. Madhuri comes there. She shouts stop. Raghav gets shocked.

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