Kashmera Shah Sheds Light on Bigg Boss and Arti Singh!

Monday night’s episode on Bigg Boss 13 was an emotional one for Arti Singh fans who saw the brave actress breakdown and have a panic attack on screen. Just like some of the housemates, netizens too were divided on what was really going on while some going to the extent of calling her breakdown an act.

Post the episode Arti Singh’s team on social media posted a video addressing the breakdown with the powerful words that read, “Let’s Talk, Not Troll #MentalHealthIsReal!”

Kashmera Shah, sister-in-law of Arti Singh and also Ex-Bigg Boss contestant sheds light on the game and Arti’s personality, having known both closely. “A complex reality game show like Bigg Boss needs complex minds to play it. One can’t just play with one’s heart…one has to use one’s head also and that is what Arti is not doing. She is a very emotional person and feels abandoned by her closest allies and in her case, it is Siddharth who she feels she has supported. Arti fought on Siddharth’s behalf and he emphatically told her he did not need her. This felt like an abandonment for Arti. For anyone that has participated in this show the ‘feeling’ of missing your family and feeling alone is very common. In such circumstances, a panic attack can happen to anyone even someone as game smart as Paras so I condone him for saying she is faking it. Arti is one of the most emotional person I have ever met. Her only fault is she trusts the wrong people and takes their side even when they are wrong just to be loyal. All in all, I am worried about her health now as she seems to be coming apart and all I want to do is rush in and hug her and tell her she is loved and wanted and needed by us. Her Family”

Bigg Boss is a game of human behavior in difficult circumstances, while we can be fine with people reacting with rage, anger, taunts, physical violence and more we should be fine with someone breaking down and having an attack! It is human nature.

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