I hope I played my part in making Asim see through Sidharth Shukla’s game: Arhaan Khan

The biggest question doing the Bigg Boss 13 rounds, the Colors show is what split the Sidharth Shukla and Asim Riaz’ jodi? The one time best buddies are now getting physical with each other.

In yesterday’s free for all the former said the latter has changed his opinion in the recent few days.

Sources attribute this to Arhan Khan’s entry as wildcard. This video is also doing rounds.


While Arhaan was inside it was noted that Sidharth did not really misbehave with any woman. And Arhaan was a very strong contender (winning Raakshas task, it is still anybody’s guess as how he was eliminated).

Maybe when Arhaan stood up for women, for the first time Asim also realized that Sidharth was in the wrong,” adds our source for the possible reason.

Accordingly we then reached out to Arhaan who says, “I don’t know if I changed the game but yes I will not tolerate any abuse of women when I am around.”

“I stood up not only for my friend Rashami Desai but for every other gal in the house and I guess Shukla got that. Hence he kept his mouth in check till I was eliminated.”

Were you the reason behind the Sidharth and Asim’s split? “How can I be blamed? But maybe my presence was a catalyst forcing Asim to revaluate his options and smell the coffee. This was very much needed as the duo was always hunting in packs troubling one and all.”

Ask him about Shukla’s last night taunt at Rashami claiming that she is now cosying up to Vishal Aditya Singh in Arhaan’s absence?

“I don’t want to demean myself by commenting on such nonsense,” came the answer from Arhaan.

In closing Arhaan said, “In the short period both he and Rashmi spent together he has realized that what they had was beyond friendship. Had I stayed longer the public would have seen a great love story unfold, but alas.”

In closing when asked about other inmates he said, “I would just tell them guys please stand up when someone is being wronged. Paras Chhabra is the biggest volte face around, and no one should trust him.”

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