Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 30th November 2019 Written Episode Update: Guddan accepts Vikrant as her SIL

Scene 1
Guddan says Alisha sign the papers. Vikrant says what is all this? I don’t consider myself her husband where would the child come from? Vikrant says you can’t run away from this marriage. Guddan says yes we don’t have an option. I consider you Vikrant’s wife and him my son in law. AJ says are you out of your mind? How can you accept this marriage? Dadi says this is about her future. We have no other option, AJ says ma what are you saying. How can you both accept this marriage? Do whatever you want. Guddan says Alisha do you want anything else? Sign the papers. The papers fall from her hands. Guddan picks them. Revati says wow, AJ’s friend is his son in law. Saru says this girl is amazing. Alisha signs the papers.

Dadi comes to her room. Laxmi says dadi are you okay? please take care of your health. Saru says dadi should keep this stick with her for her support and this other one for his old son in law. dadi says do you have any shame? Laxmi says she has sold her conscience. Laxmi says I can hit you with the same stick. Dadi says Laxmi, don’t stoop to her level. If Vikrant is our son in law who are you to make fun on him? saru says taunting me won’t change a thing. He is AJ’s son in law. He won’t agree. Alisha is only 18. Laxmi give this want to Vikant. Dadi sits down. She holds her head. Dadi says in heart if guddan has accepted it, there must be some reason.

AJ says how can I accept Vikrant ask my son in law? He is even older than me. Guddan says you know I always have a reason. He says what is the reason this time? Guddan shows him the letter. Guddan says I told you something is troubling her. She did the sign that someone is making her do tall this. Someone is forcing her to do all this. We have to find out.

Vikrant says Alisha, well done. You made me so happy. Don’t be scared of me. You have to do a lot more. Alisha says you asked me to do it. Dadi and Guddan have accepted you. Vikrant says you’re AJ’s daughter. This game would keep running until he accepts me as his son in law with all his heart.

AJ says this might be Alisha’s new game. So we give her the property. We can’t trust Alisha. Guddan says Alisha isn’t lying. My heart says it. please trust me and help me find that person. We have to save her. AJ says I know where to begin from, it’s Perv. I will make him say the truth. Guddan says stop AJ. We have to control our anger. It would ruin things. We have to talk to Alisha first. AJ says but you said that person lives here, who else could it be? Guddan says that man is using Alisha. We can’t be hasty. let’s talk to Alisha. Promise me you won’t tell anyone. AJ says then you make sure you find out the truth. Otherwise, I will use my way. Guddan says I will find him. She tears it.

Perv heard it all. He wonders what game is happening in this house. Perv picks the torn pieces of the letter. He tries to attach them. He says I was a policeman. I will find out what’s written in this. Revati says find a job. You are so useless. He tells Revati AJ and Guddan were talking about this letter. I will read it and find out what’s happening here that we don’t know here. Revati says let’s attach it. They rejoin the letter. Perv reads the letter. Prev recalls Alisha did that. Revati says yes she did it. That means someone is forcing Alisha. Perv says who could that be? It’s not us. Then who is this player?

Prev wakes up and sees in dream that AJ is shooting her. He says I have to scare Alisha more that she doesn’t say a word to anyone.
No precap.

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