Dil Jaise Dhadke Dhadakne Do 21st February 2020 Written Episode Update: Yug’s Terrifying Prank

Iti spends quality time with her father Pankaj when Savita with Om enters and says Iti is not well, must have got red rashes and fever. Iti thinks how does Bua know, if she is following her. Pankaj asks Iti when she is unwell, she cannot have ice cream; he wanted to take Iti to Gurudev’s ashram, but he is busy in his factory, so he will have to make some other arrangements. He takes Iti to make her sleep. Savita and Om think how can their plan fail and Iti be healthy even after having peanuts.

Yug feels angry remembering Iti fighting with him and thinks she shouldn’t have done this, he will teach her a lesson. In the morning, he prays god that he shouldn’t let Iti dominate on her, so god should help him, etc.. Shanti wakes up. He tells her that he is going for a signing session with which he will earn 100 rs. She asks him to bring bread, eggs, and broom. He says heroes don’t buy groceries, especially broom as he doesn’t want to get the equipment for his punishment.

Yug then reaches Iti’s room via window and standing behind curtains frightens her as ghost. Iti shivers in fear. He asks if she is Iti. Iti says Iti is in next room and offers her chocs. Yug tempts but controlling himself says she insulted her friend Yug and should apologize. Iti runs to her father and says there is a ghost in her room. He says she must be feeling hungry and her stomach must be making sound.

Precap: Iti and Yug dance during festival celebrationb. Devugur’s aides carry Iti in palanquin to ashram and chant devi came. Deguru sitting between fire rejoices seeing Devi.

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