Dadi Amma Maan Jao 21st February 2020 Written Episode Update : Shlok And Anjalis Haldi Ceremony

Anjali calls two people for help, says now I will go, you will need help, how will you manage all alone, Aaji says I don’t like outsiders, I can manage everything alone, and you focus on your wedding and not me, and after Haldi you aren’t allowed to go out. Anjali looks at her flight booking. Shraddha says look she didn’t like it, she is dying to meet Jiju.
Prabhas gets belt for Dhruv to cure his waist, says wear it under your clothes, Dhruv denies, Prabhas forces. Anjali thinking what to do about meeting, she starts smoking in stress, Anjali gets call from Rekha, Rekha thanks her for Shlok, Rekha says he would never go Mumbai of it wouldn’t be you, and tomorrow its Haldi so go to sleep and disconnects the call.
Anjali says I have to talk to Aaji about Haldi, and explain Shloks situation. Haldi ceremony begins. Ajooba says this oldy must have kept haldi here in open, she wants me to tan, Shraddha sees Ajooba is in tears and shades don’t hide tears from your own people and removes his glasses. Ajooba says its so dusty here, Aaji says we all know you are emotional for Anjali, look Anjali your Ajooba is emotional.
Sloks haldi begins. Ajooba applies haldi to Anjali, Anjali takes his blessings, all get emotional, all apply eachother haldi. Anjali looks at the time. Shlok says ma come lets dance. Anjali freshen up and starts thinking how will she tell Aaji about it, also she cant go without telling Aaji. Anjali sees everyone is busy, she tries talking to Aaji, Aaji busy in work doesn’t give her time. Aaji says I have to go to temple its so late, Anjali stay home don’t go out, you cant go out now and leaves. Everyone leave for temple.
Anjali starts thinking what to do now. Anjali gets her bag and leaves. Rekha dancing with joy, thinking that she is going to win over Aaji, Anjali will choose her and go Mumbai.
Anjali escapes from window to avoid attention and hide she int home, Anjali prays to god says im doing this for my life partner, im just supporting him, I don’t want to hurt my family.
Anjali and Shlok in Mumbai, Shlok asks her why she looks so worried. Anjali isn’t aware that she is been recorded by Prabhas. Pradhas praying and performing aarti for Anjali and Shloks happy life, Jhawars present there to, Vikas says lets discuss about tomorrow wedding all rituals to avoid last minute confusion.
Prabhs informs Rekha that Anjali is in Mumbai with Shlok, Rekha says this is just the beginning, just wait and watch.

Pre cap: Aaji and Rekha argue over wedding, Rekha says Anjali I know how well Anjali follows rituals because she is in Mumbai.

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