BB 13: Vishal Aditya Singh Asks Hindustani Bhau to Keep His ‘Language & Anger in Check’

The contestants in the Bigg Boss house has been entertaining the fans with their high dose of energy and drama inside the house. The housemates are often seen fighting and arguing, which increases tension inside the house.

The latest we hear is the news about ugly argument between Vishal Aditya Singh and Hindustani Bhau. It was during the BB College task, where the contestants were divided into teachers and students. In the task, Sidharth is selected as Dance teacher, Himanshi as PT teacher, Shehnaz and Bhau as English and Hindi teachers respectively.

The students can either attend or skip the classes and the teacher is supposed to give an apple to their favourite student. The student can also destroy teacher’s scooter and the student with maximum apples and the teacher with the cleanest scooter will be selected for the captaincy task.

In the latest video, Vishal Aditya Singh is seen having a verbal spat with Hindustani Bhau. The former asks Bhau to keep his language in check and control his anger. This makes Bhau furious who then leaves his food aside and asks Vishal to stop provoking him. They both then get into an ugly fight.

The tension between Vishal and Bhau was evident since the first day itself and the two have had quite a few arguments in the past as well.

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