1st Epi – Dadi Amma Maan Jao 27th January 2020 Written Episode Update Anjali Shraddha Celebrate Republic With Ajooba Aaji

Episode begins with aaj removes blanket cover off Shraddha face, she says Aaji this time all is on track, both see Baba and ajooba asleep and slowly start hiding clues that will remind Ajooba it’s gonna be 26th January, Aaji says better hide or this old man will slot us, she says I will now cut cable connection, Aji heavy heartedly agrees.

Aaji and her both grand daughters, discuss about list to get from Mumbai, Aaji asks Anjali did she get ticket printout and not to trust smart phone, Anjali says yes she did, Aaji asks her to give address of meeting, Anjali says Aaji once my designs are accepted I will open a store in your name in Indore.

Aaji sees Anjali’s dress and asks how much will you expose, not allowed and Shraddha you remember if you fail you will be punished, Aaji leaves.

Ajooba wakes up, Aaji and her grand daughters notice they had forgotten about news paper, Baba says Aai don’t worry I have already changed newspaper to old one.

Anjali and Shraddha trick Ajooba that doors are closed because municipality is catching monkeys. Ajooba calls Vikas, and asks how did all this happen, Aaji starts making fun of Ajooba and calls him monkey, both start arguing, Shraddha says Ajooba you go bathe.

Ajooba gets ready and a pamphlet flow inside, Ajooba picks it up, and reads about 26th January, Anjali prays and about to leave, Ajooba breaks window, all get scared, and rush inside, they see Ajooba left from window.

Anjali calls doctor and tells about his seizure attack and that he is missing, doc says go find him, he shouldn’t take stress. Ajooba on roads, thinking about his old army days, family members looking for him all around, Ajooba sees a street play about freedom. Artist forgets his lines and uses English word, Ajooba gets annoyed and slaps him, and says you will get freedom that too by speaking English, and scolds him, Ajooba address audience, all applaud.

Shraddha stops Ajooba from hiring the actor. Actor (Dhruv)goes home, he hears his brother reading Geeta, but having Anjali’s pic on his mobile and looking at it, Dhruv takes his phone and teases him. Dhruv tells about his slap, and it was he who had given pamphlets to Ajooba to impress him. Dhruv says bhai you can never get her this way, I’m working for you.

Anjali scolds Ajooba, and keeps counting his illness, Aaji joins her and scolds Ajooba, Ajooba says enough how much are you talking, the day you will get married, I will distribute sweets in happiness to get rid of you, Anjali says you and me both will die in this house, I will never marry.

Aaji says you made the poor girl cry, she was to go Mumbai because of you she missed it. Shraddha to stop Ajooba tricks him inside. Aaji gets angry and says I would be a minister but because of this my dreams never came true and leaves.

Sharad hat sings for her to convince her,Anjali upset on terrace smoking and crying, she throws away all her designs, Shraddha to convince Aaji, puts Ajooba picture on dart and makes her target. Aaji loves the idea.

Shraddha sees Anjali smoking and stops her, Anjali asks how do you do it, I can never be like you, you know when I sleep, I dream but when I wake up I see reality, Aaji Ajooba need us, so do our dreams.

Anjali sees Delhi Mumbai girls say I feel jealous about them, here we can’t do anything it’s all about Marriage, Shraddha says why see negative, we have a family, a home, it’s a set life, Anjali says but we need to do few choices and picks up her designs, and burns them, says come let’s go have dinner drama.

Aaji and girls cooking, Aaji says Anjali we will again fox your Mumbai trip, we will fix your meeting again. Ajooba starts roaming cribbing, and asks for his clothes, Aaji shouts and asks to get on his own, Shraddha says I will get it for you and says to Aaji he anyways knows it’s 26th Jan 2020, so let’s celebrate it together.

Anjali walks to Ajooba with his uniform, and says I made this for you, Shraddha says she stitched all night. All wish and salute Ajooba, he gets very happy.

Bollywood superstar Mukesh Kumar in Indore. He is being chased for his visit for 26th Jan celebration, Rekha Chabbar walks to Mukesh, she greets him and says every Indian knows you for time and watch fantasies and here’s set of vintage watch collection, they are priceless,shesays there is motive behind this, let us welcome you, Mukesh says Rekha I liked your way.

Rekha tells her brother she sold her jewellery for these watches and for her sons, she can do anything. Shlok and Dhruv visit their baba, Rekha takes note of that. Shloks father says our country is unique and on this day we should do something we are proud of,now pray to cow.

Shlok prays that Anjali feels same for him, Shlok imagines himself with Anjali, Dhruv prays for entering Bollywood. They are informed to leave for now. Shlok, Dhruv and papa leave. Dhruv says papa we have important work, you go ahead for moms party, we will join.

Mukesh arrives at the party’s Rekha welcomes him to party. Dhruv and Shlok wait for Anjali’s picture in untied hair. Anjali’s family celebrate Republic Day and host flag, boys reach her house and try to click Anjali’s pictures, Dhruv climbs over Shlok to get picks. Shraddha sees them.

Mukesh asks Rekha where is your son who aspires to be an actor.Rekha says he is very excited on his way, he did t sleep all night. Rekha starts panicking. Anjali says Shraddha clean the room, I’m going on terrace.

Shraddha says he is same boy Ajooba slapped, does he has a crush on me. Rekha feels embarrassed, Mukesh says you pr son made me wait, he must be a greater star, ask him to call me if he comes to Mumbai, and returns her watches and says your son gives other things importance then work, Mukesh doesn’t like such people.

Shlok says Dhruv let’s drop this plan, Dhruv says you stay here, Bhabhi is on terrace this is golden chance. Shraddha looking at Dhruv,Dhruv waves at her, Shraddha throws flower pot in his head, Dhruv manages to run, Shraddha follows him but he leaves with Shlok in bike.

Boys reach home after party. Rekha walks to them and ask where is videographer, why did you do this, I did so much for you, for your help but you two. Papa says Rekha calm down this should be their decision what to do.

Rekha asks Shlok what do you aspire in 5 years, Shlok says like papa, she slaps him, Rekha says he wants to be like you, you want to live rest of your life living on rents, in these middle class life, but I won’t let this happen, she requests Papa to stay away from kids, Papa leaves.

Rekha asks Shlok to dream big, Rekha asks Dhruv about his injury, he says just fell down, Rekha asks do you know price of your face, Dhruv says around 7 lakhs, Rekha slaps him and then starts crying, Boys hug her, Rekha says Dhruv you have priceless face, you will be a superstar this is superstars face which will give you all the freedom, remember this should never be scratched. Rekha says I will never let anyone cross lines of your future and success.

Pre cap ; Dhruv goes to Anjali’s room, all whack him.

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